学术报告:Interfacial Rleology-Dynamics-Modelling and Processing of Multi micro-/nanolayered polymeric systems: From fundamental studies to innovative engineering

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主讲:Prof.Khalid LAMNAWAR,National Institute of Applied Science 《INSA) of Lyon, France


Khalid Lamnawar is currently an associate professor (HDR/Habilitation) in the laboratory of Ingénierides Materiaux Polymeres(IMP ,UMR5223,CNRS) at the Institut National des Sciences Appliquees Lyon (INSALyon), University of Lyon,France.He is currently the director and elected council member of Mechanical Engineering and Plastic Processing Departmentat INSA Lyon, co-head of the Polymer Processing Platform in Site de Plastique, Oyonnax (known as Plastics Valley).Afterobtaining his PhD degree from INSA Lyon, he worked there as a research engineer and lecturer before being promoted toassociate professor in 2012, and obtained the HDR qualfication in 2019.He has been recognized with awards including the“Excellence grant for research,1st rank”and the Palmes academiques-2018from the French govemment, and “Distinctionby the Society of Plastic Enginneers, etc.He is the guest editor of a themed issue Rheology and Processing of Poltymers inPoltymers.He is the author of more than 150 publications including 55 joumal papers in Macromolecules, ACSAppl MaterIntertace, etc., 2 patents, 2 book chapters, 4 educational book chapters and >100 (inter)national conferences, with citations>1700 and a H-index of 19.He is organizerchairman of some intermatinal conferences.He has secured funding from nationalcouncils (e.g.ANR,FUI) and industry (e.g. Michelin Group, Dow Coming,Arkema, etc.) with an amount more than 1.5million Euros.His research is focused on the theology and processing of mutiphase and micro/nanostructured polymericmaterials including multi-micro/nanolayer coextrusion, innovative processing of functionalized polymers, and their structure-processing propertyrelationships.




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